Relevant funeral celebrant services are conducted in the privacy of your home, at your preferred funeral home, cemetery or chosen venue.  I specialize in paying tribute to your loved one by officiating at the funeral, memorial or celebration of life service. I companion, guide & assist you as you navigate your loss & share your vision for the service. Though often contacted after the death, I may also be part of your discussion & planning prior to the death. I help you organize & select readings & may help lessen your stress.

I work with people who pre-arrange or with families who experience a sudden loss. I also commemorate the lives of infants and children and have facilitated bereavement support groups for grieving parents. Some services are spiritual and others are a more secular celebration. The choice is yours.

As a bereavement educator and author, I help people discover healthy ways to cope with grief. I share what bereaved and dying people have taught me, in addition to what I have learned personally and professionally.

My personal goal is to help you honor your loss in this challenging time by officiating at the funeral, memorial or celebration of life service.

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The best thing any of us can do is to listen, when the family tells us the story of their loved one. Their hearts share a picture of that person.

Having experienced my own losses, I know how healing the service of remembrance can be. This tribute gathers the family in and helps them relate to each other's loss as well as their own. It examines the life lived in a way that reflects honor, acknowledges the end of life and the beginning of a new existence for the survivors.

Together we will create a special event that commemorates the person, the life and the love of one's family.
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What is a Funeral Celebrant?
A funeral celebrant is a person who should be trained and certified to work with families to plan a personal service for their loved ones. This service will focus on the life of the individual and all that he/she had accomplished.

What Distinguishes Marguerite as a celebrant:

Marguerite O'Connor was a licensed funeral director for 28 years, was a mortuary college instructor for 9 years, and has been a professional speaker and member of Toastmasters International for 17 years.

Suggestions for Remembrance

Tell how it felt to be part of his/her life
Present some personal photos or memorabilia
Create a personal memorial folder
Personalize tributes
Host a reception
Share with others during the service
Do a candle lighting service
Share a personal eulogy
Dedicate a reading or poem
Select special songs
Play or sing the music.

Today's meeting with you left us feeling very positive and comforted.  We appreciate all the work you've already put in. Thank you again- our gratitude is already immeasurable.
-- Bobby S.

Thank you again for all the hard work and commitment to my father's ceremony. it means a great deal to us. -- Bobby S.

It was very comforting

to know that I could

get in touch with you

whenever needed.

-- Chicago client

Thank you for honoring my son this way. Thank you again for the service you did for my son, it was wonderful. You are really a special person! 
-- CH



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